Cash For Toyota Land Cruiser 4×4 Troopy Perth

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in the bush has just gone to another level of excitement: with the Toyota Land Cruiser 4X4 Troopy, you get a high quality all-wheel drive vehicle. Usually this huge vehicle can transport 10 passengers, but we have made some alterations.
Some of the seats have been replaced with storage drawers and a fridge. Now the Land Cruiser Troopy is a 4×4 / four-wheel drive (4wd) safari vehicle for two people who want to travel and camp, while having enough space to their disposal. Also included is a 220v inverter to provide electricity for lighting and charging batteries.

With a capacity of 4 200 cubic cm the six-cylinder engine has a fuel efficiency ranging between 12,6 liter per 100km (according to the car fuel index) and 14,77 litter per 100km (actual off-road performance while fully loaded). The vehicle is equipped with 180 litter diesel tanks.
Driving in off-trail situations demands adequate safety features and the Toyota Land Cruiser 4×4 Troopy provides: it has an advanced safety cell cabin, ABS brakes (disk brakes in the front), airbags (for driver, passenger and side) and side-impact protection, curtain shield airbags, head impact protection trim and an energy absorbing steering wheel boss.

With air-conditioning, a radio/ CD player and electric windows, the Toyota Land Cruiser Station Wagon will surely give you a comfortable journey. This 4×4/ 4wd vehicle has remote control central locking and a transponder key immobiliser.
The Land Cruiser 4×4 Troopy, as with all Temba 4×4 Hires vehicles, are 2014 models with low kilometers and are continuously under factory guarantee. The vehicle is supported by the Toyota Care Roadside Assistance Program, which gives customers access to 24 hour roadside assistance, should a mishap happen in the middle of nowhere.

You will search far to find better camping gear and related accessories. One person can set up or break up camp in 5 minutes – two people can do it in half the time. The rooftop tents design allows it to be erected or be collapsed in seconds. Pull the rope, lock the hinges – and you are set for departure. If you prefer to sleep inside the vehicle, there is a single mattress on the inside. When you are spending a lot of time on the road, it is quite handy if one person wants to take a rest.